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An Evolving Manifesto on Time...(in its most present state)

Time = experience

Time = change

Time = the experience of change

Time exists in the present moment

“The past” is not time

“The past” is the present remembering of occurrences

“The future” is not time

“The future” is a fabrication of present thought

Time can be organized into 4 states: organic, mechanical, embodied and perceived

mechanical time = an invention to organize organic time

organic time = rhythms of the body and the spatial environment

embodied time is one’s own understanding of organic time

embodied time cannot be shared

perceived time can be shared

pace is the expression of embodied time

perceived time is the collision of multiple paces

perceived time is a ground for empathy

perceived time = temporal measure

perceived time often surrenders to mechanical time because it surrenders to social interactions

embodied, organic, and perceived time are elastic

mechanical time is not

An Evolving Manifesto on Time
September 09, 2016