PUBLIC 58 -- Smoke: Figures, Genres, Forms
 Wednesday 15 May, 6:30—8:00pm 
Type Books / 2887 Dundas Street West, Toronto (Junction Location)

PUBLIC 58: SMOKE: FIGURES, GENRES, FORMS proposes smoke a pressing figure of our global present that calls forth a capacious counter-archive of knowledge and sociality. Tracking smoke’s figural and material sojourns across the domains of ecology, aesthetics, ethics, and politics, the contributors to this issue consider the genres of relationality and forms of destruction that smoke signals and produces. 

EDITORS: Rosa Aiello, Nataleah Hunter-Young, Michael Litwack

Sandrine Schaefer's contribution, Reflecting Torpor documents methods, research, and reflections on a performance artwork titled, Torpor (Pace Investigations No.5) developed on site at Banff Centre for Art and Creativity. The text engages ideas and strategies around how the acceleration and deceleration of actions can make mechanical, geological, and felt time palpable. Other themes explored in this reflective text include, surveillance, site-sensitivity, the body as material, anthropocentrism, witness participation, visibility, and TRAnsferenCE.

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