Work > Pace Investigations (2015-2016)

Create a performance. Repeatedly cycle through this performance over an identified duration of time. Each cycle of the performance loses and/or recovers time. As this occurs, the actions in the performance must shift. Some become unrecognizable from previous cycles. Some merge to become a different action all together. Some actions are abandoned, while others increasingly gain significance. The actions that make up the performance are site-sensitive, rooted in pleasure, and primarily minimal. They are both subtle and surreal as they distort the artist’s own body through every day means.
Pace Investigations attempts to identify the essential within a piece. It is an exercise in surrender. It is an exercise that exposes the vulnerability of the human body and reveals its complex relationship to time. It is a work that asks how one copes with acceleration, deceleration, and ambiguity when enduring time that is mediated by external forces.