Sandrine Schaefer

Using a site-sensitive approach, Boston-based artist, Sandrine Schaefer works in the medium of live action to explore the parameters and potential of time and the corporeal and conceptual body. Sandrine’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in art festivals, galleries, museums, and public spaces. In addition to her studio art practice, Sandrine is an independent curator and co-founder of The Present Tense, an art initiative that has been producing and archiving live art events, festivals, and exchanges in transient spaces. Since 2005, The Present Tense has produced and collaborated on more than 26 live art festivals, exhibitions, and co-founded the award winning gallery, MEME in Cambridge, MA. Sandrine is also a member of the seminal artist group, Mobius (est. 1977). Independently and through The Present Tense and Mobius, Sandrine has exhibited hundreds of contemporary artists at various stages in their careers who utilize live action in their work. In addition, Sandrine’s writing on contemporary art has been published internationally in numerous online and print publications and she is an Adjunct Professor at several universities throughout Massachusetts. Sandrine’s current research investigates strategies used in durational performance art to suspend the liminal moment, art actions that site non-art designated spaces, and the prioritization of the fully sensing body in performance art to inspire intuitive witnessing.