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The sun has been essential to the development of Mexico. From sun-worshipping civilizations to practical everyday uses such as curing clay and food, the sun’s presence cannot be ignored. While traveling through Mexico in winter/ spring 2012, the varied architecture, ancient iconography, and social climate influenced my understanding of context. I sunburned images relevant to the places I traveled into my skin.

The layers of Mexico’s architectural spaces illuminate the complexities of cultural identities present. My sunburnings served as physical relics of the layers that my own identity adopted in each place I traveled. I infiltrated the Mexican landscape, fitting my body into small public and domestic spaces. As I created these actions, I also placed the fading historical icons that were accumulating in my skin into contemporary situations.

When I enter a space, I remain in attempted stillness for as long as my body or the space allows.

photos by Daniel S. DeLuca