Collaborations > INVERSE 2021

Over 8 months, 8 national and international artists met vitually for the INVERSE 2021 residency program. At the end of the year, the artists gathered in person at The Momentary for a performance art symposium. During the multi-day symposium, the artists presented solo live performance art works, engaged in a group performance, shared video works, and participated in a roundtable discussion about their varied artistic practices.

The following documents the INVERSE 2021 Cohort's group performance. This was a laboratory where the artists created live art images, actions, sounds, and rituals in situ. Through an interactive space of play and experimentation, the artists shared their individual methodologies in the presence of Momentary audiences.

Participating artists:

Christian Cruz
Natacha Voliakovsky
Siri Gurudev
Molly Joyce
Sylvain Souklaye
Kyoung eun Kang
Sandrine Schaefer
Tuty Moreno Campos

curated by Emma Saperstein and Cynthia Post Hunt