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1: a flock of geese not in flight
2: a group of noisy or disorderly people
3. a group of queer friends and/or chosen family

In urban wilds throughout the United States, geese are viewed as pattern disruptors and sometimes even considered a “nuisance” species. gaggle is an interdisciplinary art project that uses radical empathy, practices of care, play, and nuanced observation to ask urgent questions around the consequences of this othering and its impact on shared social space and perceptions of non-human life. Through live performance art, interactive installation, sculpture, video, participatory walks, sound, and paintings/graphic scores, gaggle juxtaposes gathering behaviors demonstrated by geese in queer urban wilds and human strategies of assembly used in protest culture. Developed through an ecofeminist perspective, gaggle opens uncharted possibilities for how humans and geese share physical, social, and psychological space to generate new narratives around assembly and cohabitation that celebrate our interspecies entanglements.

If you would like to participate in a survey collecting research for this project, please use the following link:
Encounters With Geese