Thresholds > Summoning the Ghost of Bas Jan Ader

Intention: To attempt to summon the ghost of artist, Bas Jan Ader through a series of simultaneous symbolic actions in a public transient space (on sidewalk near post office).

To engage in the action of suspending the liminal state by sustaining a gesture of my own body frozen in free fall

To activate the concept of time as a flow of water*

Action 1: Embody Bas Jan Ader’s appearance.

Action 2: Hide soft sound in a plant.

Action 3: Hide soft sound in another plant.

Action 4: Hold water in mouth.

Action 5: Ride bicycle towards a group of people walking down the street. When we meet, allow bicycle to fall.

Action 6: Hang from tree branch

Action 7: Look up to the sky

Action 8: When arms tire, release body from the tree.

Action 9: Pick up fallen bicycle and balance on it.

Action 10: Reveal a small sailboat from pocket. Sink the sailboat in mouth.

Action 11: Once the sailboat has disappeared, ride bicycle off into the night.

Action 12: Decide to stop. Wait for group of people to arrive.

Action 13: When they do, release the mouthful of water as slowly.

Action 14: Once all the water has been released, ride bicycle off into the night.

performed on October 31, 2014

location: Central Square, Cambridge, MA

duration: 30 minutes

photos by Daniel DeLuca