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In 2013, I participated in the Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival as a Discourse Participant, witnessing and writing about the pieces that unfolded throughout the duration of the festival. For Rapid Pulse 2014, I further explored this role and archived actions I witnessed at Rapid Pulse 2013 into my own body. Installed in the windows of Defibrillator Gallery, the piece unfolded over the duration of 2 days. Rapid Pulse 2013 included many collaborative duos. Treating the second window as my collaborator, I re-created, re-interpreted, and re-contextualized actions using the parameters of my own physicality that stood out in memory throughout the year.

Each of the 13 actions that I archived in this piece is accompanied by text that is related to something that I remembered about the experience of witnessing the action.

all photos by Nabil Vega