Wandering With The Horizon > No. 2 | Investigations in Wandering

Thursday, May 7, 2015
Duration: 7 hours

I begin by cleaning the wall of windows in the Founders Gallery. I trace the horizon line by dragging my arm across the length of the glass. I travel back and forth for 6 hours as scented oils from my skin leave a residual line on the surface. The aroma is a composite of vetiver (a plant that grows where the land meets the sea) and pine that is native to Massachusetts. The aroma dissipates throughout the day, marking the action's duration through way of smell.
Unfolding during twilight, the primary audience shifts from those gathered in the gallery to those who are passing by in boats, walking along the Harbor, and/or across the water in East Boston. After sunset, I re-trace the line with a powerful light. I end the day by illuminating a location outside the Founders where the third action is sited to occur one month later.