In Memoriam > Pace Investigations No. 1

For Jocelyn

Create a performance. Repeatedly cycle through this performance over an approximate 3-hour duration of time. Each cycle of the performance loses time. As this occurs, the actions in the performance must shift. Some become unrecognizable from previous cycles through this adjustment of pace. Some become different actions all together. Some actions are abandoned, while others increasingly gain significance.
This is an exercise in identifying the essential within a piece. It is an exercise in surrender. It is an exercise that exposes the impossibility of human body, an exercise designed to fail.

Cycle 1:
1 hour 20 minutes

Cycle 2:
44 minutes

Cycle 3:
22 minutes

Cycle 4:
12 minutes 22 seconds

Cycle 5:
08 minutes 06 seconds

Cycle 6:
04 minutes 08 seconds

Cycle 7:
02 minutes 22 seconds

Cycle 8:
01 minute 01 second

performed September 5, 2015 for NiGHTSHiFT II: Coloring Coorain Live CASTLEDRONE, Boston, MA

all photos by Nabeela Vega