Pace Investigations > Pace Investigation No. 9

In Pace Investigations No. 9, the same performance repeated 10 times consecutively from sunrise to sunset. Created in Belfast in May, sunrise began at 5:37am and sunset ended at 9:04 pm. Over this continuous 15 hour and 27 minutes, the performance duration was cut in half each time it repeated. What began as a 7 hour and 44-minute performance incrementally lost time to become a 1-minute performance over the day. As the performance adapted to this time constraint and shifts in the environment, the actions of the performance had to change. Some became unrecognizable from previous cycles. Some sped up while others slowed down. Some merged to become a different action all together. Some actions were abandoned, while others increasingly gained significance. Regardless of how the performance adapted, tensions between mechanical, cyclical, and felt time shared in a site of historic trauma was palpable.

Cycle 1: 7 hours 44 min
Cycle 2: 3 hours 52 min
Cycle 3: 1 hour 56 min
Cycle 4: 58 min
Cycle 5: 29 min
Cycle 6: 14 min
Cycle 7: 7 min
Cycle 8: 4 min
Cycle 9: 2 min
Cycle 10:1 min

supported by BBeyond Artist Group + Mobius Inc.