Pace Investigations > Pace Investigations No. 13

In Pace Investigations No. 13, the same performance repeated 13 times over a 2-hour 6 minute and 30 second continuous duration. What began as a 32-minute performance incrementally lost time to become a 30-second performance, then incrementally gained time to become a 32-minute performance once again. As this constriction, then expansion of time occurred, the performance shifted. Some actions that made up the performance sped up or slowed down. Some actions became unrecognizable from previous cycles. Some were abandoned, while others gained significance. Some actions merged to become different actions all together. Regardless of how the performance adapted to the temporal constraint, the tension between measured and affective time was palpable. Created for the 2023 South Carolina Biennial at 701 Center for Contemporary Art, the actions that made up the performance responded to the 701 Whaley St. building's former identity as a textile mill and swimming locale for local communities. Pace Investigations No. 13 also explored artistic lineage through a series of tribute actions in memory of the late artists Danielle Abrams and Pope L.